You can count on Kadence Consulting to amplify the effectiveness of your people and your business. You can expect relevant expertise. Accurate timelines and budgets. Impeccable quality. And zero pretense. From initial engagement through completion, you’ll have our attention.



Cross-industry experience gives us the benefit of creating an approach that generates powerful results. Proven resources with proven track records.


Hand-selected consultants complement your team and make an impact right away.


From our consultants to the solutions they deliver, at Kadence we ensure the same level of quality we expected when we were in your shoes.


Whether you’re starting a project from scratch or resurrecting one that’s lost steam, Kadence Consulting has the experience to develop strategies and solutions using best practices. We can help navigate complex channels of approvals and buy-in. We’ll run efficient programs and projects … and answer for their successes or shortcomings. Kadence consultants are seasoned professionals to whom you can comfortably entrust your project.

  • Human Resources

    From knowledge of best practices to implementation of smart technologies, Kadence is at the forefront of HR solutions and what they mean to your business. Our teams know what it takes to streamline benefits, run payroll and run a successful HR organization.

  • Point of Sale (POS)

    From system selection and efficient implementation to maximizing the investment in your POS systems, Kadence gives you critical insight into your bottom line.

  • Infrastructure

    From software and hardware to security and Disaster Recovery, allow Kadence to evaluate, select or update the infrastructure that supports your business. We specialize in data center and cloud migrations.

  • Service Delivery

    Full lifecycle project delivery. Reliable staff. Kadence assumes the risk while you enjoy the rewards. Large scale ERP implementations to department level initiatives. No project is too big or too small.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Resources with specialized skill sets. Decades of experience. Hand selected to suit your organization’s culture.


Kadence Consulting could always be counted on to deliver exceptional support and guidance on all technical aspects of HR.  From system implementations to managing daily HRIS challenges; their ability to create innovative solutions and challenge the status quo that helped us deliver great services to the business.  They understand the big picture, the importance of managing resources/budget but ultimately it’s their willingness to get things done, no matter what it takes, that sets them apart as great Project Managers.

I highly recommend working with Kadence Consulting.  Our program manager led the largest project in our company’s history with great success.  He was knowledgeable, experienced and highly effective.  He adopted our culture and values while challenging current practices and ultimately elevating the team to new heights. He was able to work with our team to bring rigor and structure to our delivery process, and he focused the team on delivering high value results that positively impact the success of the company.

Kadence was able come in at year-end and take over our payroll activities while HR reorganized.  Their leadership and attention to detail got us through year-end activities.  In addition, over time they helped us build efficiencies in existing processes, eliminate unnecessary activities and build automation where possible.  Throughout their time with us they served as a trusted partner and additional member of our team.


Tell us a little bit about your challenge. Let’s see how Kadence can help.